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Millennial Mountain

Ghost Poetry Show, June 2022

Poetry: Welcome

Black American History

w/ Ashanti Files, WHAM, February 2023

Poetry: Welcome

Coffee (Reblended)

You are not black enough

Too much white cream and sugar got mixed in your coffee

The earthy taste

The distinct aroma

The best part of waking up does not flow through you

You are cool, not ice cold

All right all right all right

Lukewarm yellow high

Five without the black hand side

Caramel soft almond without the joy

Sometimes you feel like a nut

But that makes you crazy

Too much Steve and not "Stefan"

Cappuccino smooth

Blended mood

Not well 

Cocoa bean without the shell

Mocha latte frothy topping

Stiff walking buttercream baby

Black yet mild

Nappy without the natural

Carry a big stick slick

Mixed Neapolitan banana split 

Not enough bitter in your sweet

No tootsie roll with the treat

All suburban without the street

Cinnamon added

Attitude subtracted

Rhythm counting 

Role acted ticky tack

Smart guy

Doo doo do do do doo

Not know the his story

Of that savory funky fine cup

Of coffee

Poetry: Text
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